about us

vision, mission & values



At Connections, our efforts are focused on achieving this goal:

"People with intellectual disabilities and their families are valued and reach their potential."


Our Mission

We exist to empower, strengthen, and support:

  1. Parents with intellectual disabilities;
  2. Children who have a family member with a disability; and
  3. Families and caregivers 

by providing long term programs, counselling, and education.


Our Values

The Connections’ team fulfills the agency's mission in keeping with these values:

  1. Ethical practice;
  2. Opportunities for belonging, fun, and friendship;
  3. Commitment to the organization’s vision, mission, and values;
  4. Respect for and acceptance of individual clients and their families;
  5. Honesty, integrity, and trust;
  6. ostering a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment; and
  7. Empowering and strengthening families (independence / interdependence) through learning.